Letter to USPS CEO/Postmaster General Megan Brennan

Ms. Brennan, It saddens me to write you today, because no consumer should ever have to write to an organization it does business with to express the poor experience they’ve had with a companies services, or the horrible experiences I’ve had in the customer service aspect of dealing with your organization. The United States Postal Read More

Memorial Day 2016

For most, today means a day off of work, a bank holiday, some BBQ or other good food, and the company of friends and family. For some, though, today is about a lot more. It’s about loss, life, and the war machine. I spent the last few days in Washington, DC, amongst those that were Read More

A Letter to CentriLogic CEO Robert Offley

To: roffley@centrilogic.com CC: mrok@centrilogic.com, jedward@centrilogic.com, mrok@centrilogic.com, kaplin@centrilogic.com, cstaats@centrilogic.com, jreinard@centrilogic.com, jreinard@dacentec.com BCC: robert.offley@centrilogic.com, mrok@centrilogic.com, jeff.edward@centrilogic.com, monica.rok@centrilogic.com, kevin.aplin@centrilogic.com, charlotte.staats@centrilogic.com, jason.reinard@centrilogic.com, jason.reinard@dacentec.com, offley@centrilogic.com, offleyr@centrilogic.com, levine@centrilogic.com, leviner@centrilogic.com, rok@centrilogic.com, rokm@centrilogic.com, aplin@centrilogic.com, aplink@centrilogic.com, staats@centrilogic.com, staatsc@centrilogic.com Mr. Offley, It saddens me that I need to be writing this message to you today, however I’m at my whits end and there seems to be nothing but Read More

Veteran’s Day

Today is marked as a special occasion where we get to give our thanks to those who have put on a uniform and served our country in its armed forces. I have been blessed to have a great number of people in my life who have ante’d up and stepped into the life of a Read More

Customer (Service) First

For anyone who works in a mid- to large-sized business, you’ve likely heard this new, great and wonderful idea of putting the customer first. It’s great in theory. It really is. But, how many companies actually do this, and those that do, how many actually do it right? The answer is an astonishing (albeit not surprising) Read More

Successful Failure

Some time ago, I left my previous job as the Sr. Manager of Customer Service at Tapjoy. While I am legally prohibited from discussing the particulars of my departure, being asked a few times lately if I considered my demise at Tapjoy a failure, made me get to thinking. In short – yes and no. Read More

Happy Independence Day, America

Many of you will be out at a BBQ, drinking alcohol, and enjoying time with friends, family and loved ones. I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday weekend, but, lets please not forget some very important things: – Please don’t drink and drive – Please be responsible with alcohol consumption – Enjoy Read More

Welcome Marriage Equality

Today, June 26, 2015, marks a day of importance for many in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has issued its opinion on same-sex marriage. I applaud efforts in order for everyone that is a citizen of the United States to be able to marry whomever they choose to love – Read More

Request Tracker 4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Request Tracker from Best Practical has been around for a while, and to a lot of people and organizations, a very robust and purpose-built ticketing system with a lot of flexibility. But, it’s not always the easiest thing to install. Sure, there are packages in common distros, but we don’t always want to rely on the Read More

3,120 Miles

At the end of March, I set out on a journey that would take me from concrete and busyness of San Francisco, California to the quiet nature of North Carolina – a journey that took a week and brought us through some of amazing parts of these great United States. But, I’ve had a lot Read More

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