Letter to USPS CEO/Postmaster General Megan Brennan

Ms. Brennan,

It saddens me to write you today, because no consumer should ever have to write to an organization it does business with to express the poor experience they’ve had with a companies services, or the horrible experiences I’ve had in the customer service aspect of dealing with your organization.

The United States Postal Service is one with a long history – I don’t need to tell you that. But, after 241 years in the business, I find it very hard to fathom why the USPS just can not seem to get mail where it needs to go, on-time, all the time (barring bad weather, natural disasters, and situations which may put carriers at risk).

In 2014 I moved to the Raleigh, North Carolina from the San Francisco Bay area. Since moving here, I’ve had nothing but issues with our mail service. To name a few:

– Mail service to my home address (in an apartment building, in an established city) is frequently very late (6p – 7p)
– Mail carriers do not deliver packages to the door, and when they arrive after 6pm, they can not leave packages at the leasing office, which causes further delays in receiving mail
– Mail service to my business address at a private PMB facility that is in the shopping center directly next to my apartment is frequently late which causes mail and packages to be delayed when they arrive at that location past their 7pm closing time
– Packages get delivered to the wrong address
– Packages get lost completely
– Packages sit at a Raleigh sort facility for days before making their way to my local post office
– Packages sit at my local post office longer than is expected before being delivered
– Packages are scanned out for delivery, and then not delivered

What frustrates me the most, is I’ve been told numerous times that the purchase of postage funds the post office – not tax payer dollars. Well, I’m a tax payer – and you carry the name of my country. I’m also a postage patron – in fact – as a private citizen and as a business owner – because I believe in supporting the efforts of the USPS. I’m starting to question that.

In my most recent interaction with the USPS, I ordered stamps on November 25, 2016. As of this writing – I still do not have them in hand. The shipment did circles around Kansas City before finally getting on the road. Once arriving in Raleigh, they just sat for days. I was told they’d be delivered yesterday – they weren’t. I called back today and asked for the shipping portion of my order to be refunded because of the delays that are being caused by the post office – I was told no – I just need to deal with it because of the holidays. When I got agitated at that response (and really, can you blame me?), the person I spoke with in your Kansas City fulfillment center HUNG UP THE PHONE on me. Really? Get it together.

I get it – Congress screwed you guys over with their antics. I get it – postage pays the bills at the USPS, and you don’t take any tax payer money to operate. But here’s what I don’t get:

Why do you make it so hard for me to do business with you? Why do you make me feel as though I’m part of the reason the USPS is bad at providing a service? Why is it that I can’t trust the USPS any more? That’s not fair – and that’s not right.

The barrage of excuses I hear from USPS employees is never ending:

– Holiday season (poor excuse – plan better, staff better)
– Understaffed (poor excuse – this is never the consumers problem)
– Mishandling (poor excuse – the USPS uses some of the most technologically advanced systems in the world)

It’s time to get it together. You’ve been in business for 241 years – it’s time to act like the mature organization you are. Be the pillar you should be, and be proud not only of your heritage, but mindful of where you come from as you push to reach where you’re going. Make it a better experience for ALL of us.

Chris Hesselrode