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I’m a geek

So it’s almost August … and my last post was in March. Total fail on my part … but let’s see what we can get down on paper while I wait for a 43G database dump to re-import into MySQL… I’ve been at Tapjoy for almost 10 months now, and I have no idea where Read More

It’s a Beautiful Life

If you would have asked me last July, what I’d be doing come winter time, the answer likely wouldn’t have included spending it in San Francisco. It’s amazing how quickly life can change – sometimes for the good, sometimes not. I get up every day and go to work, and enjoy it. I’m happy with Read More

Show me the Postcards!

I like postcards. Actually … I like postcards a lot. If you travel, or have some pretty awesome postcards from where you live, and feel like helping support the USPS, feel free to drop one in the mail to me! All these postcards will be added to a collage that’s going on my wall, in Read More

Uhuru AppCloud

A few days ago, I got this mysterious offer to sign up for the Uhuru AppCloud and test drive the services they offer. At first glance it seemed overly simplified, almost dumbed down … and then I start to use it. Here’s what I found: Signing up was easy. Just a few pieces of information, Read More

Life v2.0

At the end of September, Kris and I packed up and moved to Northern California. This move had several drivers, but the biggest being the opportunity to start a new job with Tapjoy. I was excited for the challenges, but I don’t think I really understood just how much I’d come to love the changes Read More

New Chapter, New Book

Today marked my last day with Citrix. I went into the office this afternoon to drop off my equipment and to say my farewells to those I know there. Working from home has some drawbacks – like face-to-face interaction, but in my case I think this made it a little easier to move on. There Read More

New Digs

After an exhausting search, both online and in person, we found a place this past weekend that we’re now waiting approval on. It’s in Concord, CA, and in a nice quiet apartment complex. The unit is completely remodeled (literally from the floor up – only the structure remains the same), and is close to the Read More

Moving On

A few weeks ago, I accepted an offer from a company in San Francisco. By accepting, I also agreed to pick up and move to the bay area. Not a small move, but I’m looking forward to the new experiences, the new challenges, and the change in scenery. One of the things that excites me Read More

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